AP Chinese A+

One-Stop AP Test Prep Hub!

One-Stop AP Test Prep Hub!

10 sets of full length practice tests in simulation of the actual AP tests both in terms of test formats and difficulty levels.
Huge test bank of stimulus questions on all key concepts by LSRW skills gauge and enhance students’ knowledge and language readiness
Higher Score Guarantee

Hundreds in-depth AP specific readers paired with full-length tests solidify your knowledge and enhance test experience.

Study at Your Own Pace

Around-the-clock access on any device: PC, Mac, Android and iOS during timeframes and in internet-enabled locations enables you to study at your own pace and schedule.

Empower You with Certainty

Immersive practice of in-depth and comprehensive AP specific contents and test-taking skills eliminate all your concerns and anxiety

  Our Feature  


The workshop provides full simulated real exam environment of the AP Chinese test


Grades are automatically generated after each mock test.


Students will be presented with a learning program that they need to improve


AP Chinese tutorial focuses on improving student's ability in all aspects


In-depth and comprehensive exploration of conceptual knowledge and points of AP specific topics


Instructional management: Hi-Tech enabled system extends teacher flexible and efficient control on-site or remote

for Teachers

  View detailed grade reports of individual students

  Provide feedback and corrections to student's answers in the simulation test

  Develop and conduct practice tests to measure student's Chinese language level and skills

  Conduct one-on-one tutoring with students who need improvement in listening, reading, writing or speaking

for Students

  Become familiar with the AP test environment through online simulations

  View grade reports from Chinese teachers

  Based on graded reports and feedback, students can take enhancement programs to improve weak areas in their Chinese language